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汇率 15/11/2018

Once Again! Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd Frustrate Phone Scam! A Woman Insists on Remitting S$37,000 to Scammers, Even Though is Dissuaded Four Times!


As the other side claimed that they were from police centre, she insisted on remitting S$37,000 to phone scammers even though the remittance officer had tried to dissuade her for four times. 

This forties woman is from China and holding permanent residence in Singapore, on 30/09/2016 morning, she answered a call which claimed that they were calling from police centre and talking about one serious case. On the phone, the other side claimed that the woman’s personal information has been embezzled by drug cartel for illegal purpose, they had to transfer this case to International Criminal Police of China and asked her to contact them.

The woman believed without any doubts and contact the third party, “International Criminal Police of China” immediately. The party requested her to remit S$37,000 “bond” for this case to an overseas account. After being shocked by it, she rushed to Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd in Chinatown, People’s Park Complex to remit the “bond”.

The counter executive of Zhongguo Remittance, Lee Yong Jie (22 years old) saw this woman wanting to remit anxiously, he requested to verify some more details of beneficiary such as the relationship, remittance purpose and identity of the side.

“She claimed that the beneficiary was her friend, I saw her kept on the phone, guessed that it was the other side disallowed her hang up the phone so that could control her.” Lee Yong Jie said.

Due to the phone was on the line, he was unable to have a communication with the woman, had to use gestures to explain his guess and this process he repeated for four times. He tried to dissuade her and imply that she may be defrauded. However, the woman persisted on remitting the money out.

As the beneficiary name was not in company black list, Lee Yong Jie had to collect the money and then asked instructions from superior. The superior decided to hold this transaction and reported to the real police officer.

After a while, the police officer reached Zhongguo Remittance, on the time the scammer did not receive any money and requested her back to remittance company for double checking. Police officer picked up the phone and talked to the other side, the side cut line immediately.

Through the explanation of police officer, the woman finally noticed that she was defrauded by phone scammer. She felt lucky from preventing financial losses and much more appreciation to Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd.

For full article, please refer to Lianhe Wanbao, 2016-10-02.