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Time and Connectivity. 

These are the most precious commodities in this fast-paced global village. Regardless you are a business owner extending your reach in a new market or an individual bravely building a better future in a foreign land, it is crucial to stay connected with your family, loved ones and corporate partners. Remittance is the service you need; but what you really want is to be in touch with the people who matter most, while ensuring funds are transferred securely and quickly with high cost-savings.

Since our genesis, Zhongguo Remittance has strived to meet the needs of our customers in a heartfelt way. Our values are embodied in the characters “”, which signifies our ambition for Growth & Longevity for our company and stakeholders, and “”, which expresses our focus on Integrity and Sincerity.

It’s never just about the company; but about Zhongguo Remittance & You, whether you are our partner, client or employee. The goal of our relationship is long-term development, and what we are embarking on is nothing less than a journey.

Company Profile

Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd

“One-stop” service
How can I apply for remittance services? How can I read the exchange rate movements? What’s the best way to track the progress of remittance? What about forex market trends? Do you know our express remittance service requires only 5 minutes? Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd is a one-stop service provider that addresses all your needs.

MAS License
Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to provide remittance services. (Registration No.: 200612239R) Development Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd is the first remittance company in Singapore which provides remittance service from Singapore to China. Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd has expanded tremendously since its beginnings in 1999, specialising not only in the China market, but also in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the US and other parts of the world.
Through a rigorous business training process, Zhongguo Remittance has built up a highly professional and efficient remittance consultancy team, which takes great pride in providing customers with world-class services. Over the years, it has strengthened ties with various companies and agencies, building an extensive and trustworthy network across the globe.

Jed Huang (CEO)

Prior to joining the company, Mr Jed Huang carved out his career in the Capital Asset Management industry in Beijing. In 2009, Jed joined Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd, spearheading the organization’s AML-CFT process, IT infrastructure and business development strategy. By focusing on talent development and improvement of processes, the company has seen growth in business by over 350% in the last 10 years.

Ng Chun Lin (Founder)

Mr Ng Chun Lin is the Founder and Managing Director of Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd. With over 20 years of real estate development experience in China, Malaysia and Singapore, Mr Ng set up Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd in 1999 to facilitate the remittance needs of his staff. Since then, Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd has become one of the premier money transfer providers in Singapore, both among the migrant workforce community, and also many homegrown corporate clients.