Individual Web/APP Remit Guide

Tips for you

Please do NOT click on Forward, Backward, Refresh or Close button, it may cause your payment to fail or duplicate payments.

Sign Up Online Remittance Account

To use Web Remit or Changcheng app (formerly known as Zhongguo Remittance), you need to open online remittance service of your existing Changcheng account. Please click here to verify and open your online remittance service.

If you are a new customer, or you cannot complete verify your existing Changcheng account, please click here.

Login Web Remit / Changcheng App

When you have completed the registration, you can go to, log in with your ID number and password. An SMS OTP will send to your phone for verifying.

You can also download our app to use online remittance service:


Alternatively, you may download our app by scanning this QR code:

Fill in Information

Firstly, you need to select one beneficiary in "Remit" tab. If there is no beneficiary, you need add a beneficiary to your account at Beneficiary tab (for Web Remit) or tap on "ADD NEW BENEFICIARY" button (for Changcheng app).

Once you select a beneficiary:

  • Fill in the amount, sender's information, source of funds, etc.
  • Read, understood and agree the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking the checkbox. 

Then click next to confirm the information again. 


We accept Internet Banking Transfer and ATM Transfer.

For Internet Banking Transfer, please transfer your fund from your account to our account:

RHB Bank Berhad: 18010756406

For ATM Transfer, please state “网上汇款” or “Web Remit” on ATM Transfer receipt(s) before uploading.

Then upload your ATM transfer slip or screenshot of Internet Banking successful transfer page. 


You can send the details of this remittance to your email or check the status of the remittance in the history. Once the remittance is complete, we will notify you via SMS, and you can download the remittance receipt in “History”.

Please Note

  • Currently the maximum amount you can send by using Web Remit is SGD 50,000 and only accept Internet Banking or ATM transfer. Transactions exceeding the limit or not being transferred in accordance with the specified method will be rejected.
  • Zhongguo Remittance Pte. Ltd. will NOT change our Web Remit websites URL neither our bank account number. You can check with our official website or get in touch with our customer service center.
  • Beware of fraudulent calls, text messages, emails and unknown links to counterfeit companies, banks and government agencies.
  • Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd will NOT request your private information via calls, SMSes and emails, or let you enter your privacy information on any unofficial website (e.g., bank card password, SMS OTP and other privacy information).

Got questions?

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