Zhongguo Remittance would always care and “protect” you, despite the shortage of face masks supply.

Starting from 9am on 1st March, we would start handing out the 6,000 specially prepared face masks, for all customers transacting at our counter. Each customer is entitled to 3 face mask, while stock last.

We strictly carry out the whole process of aseptic packaging, to ensure that everyone would get their hands on clean and safe face masks.

In mid of pandemic, we remain calm and together we would overcome this tough times with everyone, stay safe and healthy!

In the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, please take 1 minute to read through the following advisories from Singapore Police Force
-Keep you hands clean, especially after touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

-Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, rub your hands for at least 20 seconds and dry it with tissue.

-Avoid crowded places. If unavoidable, please put on a surgical mask.

-Put on surgical mask if feeling unwell, especially when you have fever or cough. And seek medical attention promptly.

-Improve your immunity system by drink more water and not staying up late.