To gear up for its next lap of growth, Zhongguo Remittance now expands exponentially in the corporate market. There are reasons for its clients to celebrate. Its competitive remittance rates and well oiled operating procedures imply high efficiency, maximum security and great savings for its corporate customers.

Steps taken to increase market share among corporates include creation of a brand new website based on human-centred design, which serves as a one-stop source of essential information and a self-starter toolkit of forms and FAQs. A team of well trained staff has also been built to meet the needs of corporate clients.

CEO Jed Huang said: “At Zhongguo Remittance, we believe in forming mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. Our company is built on the values of longevity and sincerity. It is therefore our mantra to understand the needs of our clients for long-term success.”