1. Check your network
    Try to see if you can successfully access other sites. If you cannot access it successfully, check if your Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) are connected properly, and contact your network service provider (ISP) if necessary.

  2. View site maintenance schedule
    To improve the interface, security, and user experience, we irregularly update the website. During the update period, you cannot use some or all of the website features. You can get maintenance information on our website, WeChat and customer service center.

  3. Check settings and status of hardware and software on your device
    Some security software, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), hardware firewalls, switches, and cable status can also affect your network access, loading, and transport. If necessary, please add our URLs to whitelist and check your network device status regularly. Professional questions can contact the equipment manufacturer or distributor.

  4. Check your browser
    Periodically clean up the browser cache and check to see if Javascript is enabled for your browser. For more information about enabling JavaScript, refer to the external site (↗ aboutjavascript.com).
  1. Check your blocklist
    Some devices may block network text messages, please check that if your blocked list includes messages from us.

  2. Check your SIM card bundle
    Some SIM cards may not include SMS packages (such as Mobile Broadband cards). Be sure to use a SIM card that can send and receive SMSes normally.

  3. Check the status of your ISP
    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may temporarily disrupt networks, calls, or newsletters for some reason. In such cases, please wait until the network operator resumes normal.

  4. Try again
    It is sometimes impossible to send or receive messages because of congestion in the carrier messages queue or busy network. If you do not receive the messages, click Resend OTP.
  1. Check junk folder
    Some mailboxes may mistakenly archive the verification or remittance message as spam, try to find it in junk folder, and add our mailing address or domain name to the whitelist.

  2. Check mailbox filtering rules
    If your mailbox is set up to receive message validation rules that may prevent your mail from getting into your inbox, check to see if it is blocked, and contact your email service provider if necessary.
  1. In process of approval
    Please wait for our relevant department to review your information and SMS notice you can use it before logging in.

  2. Wrong password
    Check that the case lock on your keyboard is turned on and the keys are normal.

  3. Account Locked
    If you enter the wrong password multiple times, the account will be locked to the next day 00:00. We recommend that you change your password when you wait for your account to unlock and log in with your new password next day.